[eChapters]Insurgent Intellectual: Essays in Honour of Professor Desmond Ball

[eChapters]Insurgent Intellectual: Essays in Honour of Professor Desmond Ball (Bibliography)

Brendan Taylor ; Nicholas Farrelly ; Sheryn Lee

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ISBN: 9789814414647C20

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With a distinguished career spanning more than four decades, Professor Desmond Ball is one of the world's greatest scholars of strategy and defence, Australia's home-grown giant. In this collection of essays, leading political, media and academic figures, including former United States President Jimmy Carter, pay tribute to his remarkable contributions. From a base at the Australian National University in Canberra, Professor Ball has unflinchingly researched topics from Cold War nuclear strategy and the defence of Australia to spy scandals and Southeast Asian paramilitaries. His roaming intellect, appetite for getting the facts and commitment to publishing on sensitive topics ensure he is a towering figure who has provided impeccable service to Strategic Studies, the Asia-Pacific region and the Australian community.

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Subjects:International Relations / Diplomacy

Number of Pages: 14


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 41263

Format: Ebook

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