Southeast Asian Affairs 2013

Southeast Asian Affairs 2013

Daljit Singh

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ISBN: 9789814459549

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"Southeast Asian Affairs is the only one of its kind: a comprehensive annual review devoted to the international relations, politics, and economies of the region and its nation-states. The collected volumes of Southeast Asian Affairs have become a compendium documenting the dynamic evolution of regional and national developments in Southeast Asia from the end of the ‘second’ Vietnam War to the alarms and struggles of today. Over the years, the editors have drawn on the talents and expertise not only of ISEAS’ own professional research staff and visiting fellows, but have also reached out to tap leading scholars and analysts elsewhere in Southeast and East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, North America, and Europe. A full list of contributors over forty years reads like a kind of who’s who in Southeast Asian Studies.
Regardless of specific events and outcomes in political, economic, and social developments in Southeast Asia’s future, we can expect future editions of Southeast Asian Affairs to continue to provide the expert analysis that has marked the publication since its founding. It has become an important contributor to the knowledge base of contemporary Southeast Asia."
Donald E. Weatherbee, Russell Distinguished Professor Emeritus, University of South Carolina

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Preliminary pages
Divided or Together? Southeast Asia in 2012
Southeast Asian Economies: Building the Base for Stronger, Better Distributed Growth
Southeast Asia in America’s Rebalance to the Asia-Pacific
Chinese Perspectives on the U.S. Role in Southeast Asia
Brunei Darussalam in 2012: Towards a Zikir Nation
Cambodia in 2012: Towards Developmental Authoritarianism?
Cambodia’s Border Conflict with Thailand
Indonesian Politics in 2012: Graft, Intolerance, and Hope of Change in the Late Yudhoyono Period
Resource Nationalism and Constitutional Jihad
Laos in 2012: In the Name of Democracy
Malaysia in 2012: Promises of Reform; Promises Met?
Shades of Citizenship: Betwixt the Civic and the Ethnic
Myanmar in 2012: mhyaw ta lin lin or Great Expectations
Myanmar’s 2012 By-Elections: The Return of NLD
The Philippines under Aquino III, Year 2: A Ponderous Slog Continues
The Philippines in the South China Sea: Out of Time, Out of Options?
Singapore in 2012: A Year of Scandals, Attempted Political Engagement, and Socio-economic Anxieties
Singapore’s Population Conundrum: The Great Balancing Act 2
Thailand in 2012: A Year of Truth, Reconciliation, and Continued Divide
Timor-Leste in 2012: The Harsh Reality of Independence
Vietnam in 2012: A Rent-Seeking State on the Verge of a Crisis
Navigating the Crisis: The VCP’s Efforts to Restructure the Economy and Fight Corruption


Number of Pages: 365


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 41423

Format: PB

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