Education in Indonesia

Education in Indonesia

Daniel Suryadarma ; Gavin W Jones

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ISBN: 9789814459860

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In Indonesia, as elsewhere in Asia, education will inevitably play a key role in the national development experience as the twenty-first century unfolds. Not much international attention is paid to how the education sector is faring in Indonesia, but that is not because nothing is happening. The past decade has seen major changes in the structure of the education system and in the schooling trajectories of Indonesian children and adolescents. The administration of primary and secondary education has been decentralized to the regions. A new paradigm of school-based management has been introduced. Public spending on education has finally reached one-fifth of total government spending, as required by law. But although enrolment rates at all levels continue to increase, the quality of education remains low and has not improved, and the tertiary sector continues to experience problems of autonomy and unsatisfactory performance.

This book delves into the major developments in education in Indonesia. Drawing on the expertise of some of the most knowledgeable people in the field, it identifies the challenges facing the sector and offers recommendations on how these challenges could be overcome.

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Preliminary pages
1. Meeting the Education Challenge
2. Trends in Education in Indonesia
3. Teacher Training, School Norms and Teacher Effectiveness in Indonesia
4. Integrating Islamic Schools into the Indonesian National Education System: A Case of Architecture over Implementation?
5. Early Childhood Education and Development Services in Indonesia
6. Where Did All the Money Go? Financing Basic Education in Indonesia
7. An Assessment of Policies to Improve Teacher Quality and Reduce Teacher Absenteeism
8. Indonesian Universities: Rapid Growth, Major Challenges
9. Beating the Odds: Locally Relevant Alternatives to World-class Universities
10. Financing Higher Education: The Viability of a Commercial Student Loan Scheme in Indonesia
11. The Transformation and Internationalization of Higher Education: The Malaysian Experience
12. Role of the Education and Training Sector in Addressing Skill Mismatch in Indonesia
List of Indonesia Update Series

Subjects:Education Organizations & Institution

Number of Pages: 280


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 41392

Format: PB

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