Trails of Bronze Drums Across Early Southeast Asia: Exchange Routes and Connected Cultural Spheres

Trails of Bronze Drums Across Early Southeast Asia: Exchange Routes and Connected Cultural Spheres

Ambra Calo

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This study examines the transmission of ceremonial Dong Son bronze drums from their centres of production in north Vietnam and its immediate environs along river and maritime routes throughout Mainland and Island Southeast Asia (MSEA and ISEA) from the perspective of Late Metal Age (300 BC AD 500) exchange networks. This period saw the growth of long-distance exchange linking MSEA and ISEA and involving the mainland to island transmission of bronze objects and casting technology. The distribution of ceremonial bronze drums associated with political/religious power along major routes marks contacts between early cultural spheres, and particularly possible alliances which would have favoured the exchange of commodities. The growth and progressive political significance of strategically located trade centres set the stage for the process of state formation during the historic period. Examining the distribution across present national boundaries, this study focuses on what type of drums are found where to identify different phases and routes of transmission associated with different inter-regional networks, interconnected cultural spheres, and regional bronze drum casting traditions arising from the influence of Dong Son drums.

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Preliminary pages
1. What is Found Where: Selected Regional Clusters to Understand the Routes and Timing of Transmission
2. The Distribution Domain on the Mainland and Western Indonesia
3. Alternative Routes to the Eastern Islands
4. The Rise of an Island Tradition: Pejeng Bronze Drums in Bali and Java
5. The Feathered World and the Island to Mainland Hypothesis
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Subjects:HISTORY / Expeditions & Discoveries

Number of Pages: 229


Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

Publication Date: 41670

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