Templer and the Road to Malayan Independence: The Man and His Time

Templer and the Road to Malayan Independence: The Man and His Time

Leon Comber

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Dr Comber's account of General Templer's administration in Malaya as High Commissioner and Director of Operations (1952-54) during the Malayan Emergency departs from the usually accepted orthodox assessment of his time in Malaya by focusing on the political and socio-economic aspects of his governance rather than the military. In doing so, Dr Comber has relied mainly on primary and other first-hand sources, including the confidential reports sent from Malaya by the Australian Commission to the Australian government in Canberra, and the private papers of some of the leading Malayan politicians of the time with whom Templer had dealings which have been deposited in the ISEAS Library, Singapore, many of which have not been used before.
The evidence and facts that Dr Comber marshals in this study reflect well the reservations that were often felt about General Templer's authoritarian form of government. While he was a good general and had an impressive military record, his administration in Malaya was marred by a lack of understanding of the background to Malaya's history and the subtleties that are inherent in its culture and way of life which would have enabled him to come to terms more easily with the aspirations of the Malayan people for self-government and independence.

The e-chapter on " The Background: The Appointment of General Sir Gerald Templer as High Commissioner and Director of Operations, Malaya (1952-54) " ,  is downloadable free of charge.

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Number of Pages: 240

Publication Date: 31/03/2015

Imprint: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

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