China Base: County-level Economy And Society

China Base: County-level Economy And Society

Lixing Zou

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ISBN: 9789814630672

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This unique volume takes a very different approach to the county-level governance and the land system reform in China. Based on thorough-going interviews with — township and village cadres, the book analyzes the current major conflicts in rural areas: between urbanization and rural development, between small-scale production and big market, and between the land operation right and land ownership etc. The book also describes the turbulent phase of transition characterized by the reform of the county-level administrative system, economic system and land system; and depicts how to capture the dynamic micro functions of grassroots government as well as macro evolutions of overarching political institutions in China.The goal of this book is to explore a new approach to speed up the construction of the market and society at the base level and enhance the overall, integrated and intrinsic dynamics of the county-level economy.The down-to-earth presentation of this book engages readers to deeply feel the genuine situation and dilemmas of cadres at the rural grassroots levels in China. Its comprehensive documentation and in-depth discussion provide the best depiction of rural governance in contemporary China, and will serve as a good reference for economic source professionals, political researchers, college students and faculties.

Format: Hardcover
No of Pages: 332
Imprint: World Scientific
Publication date: 20150114

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