Uncanny Valley

S. Mickey Lin

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ISBN: 9789814771627

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Questions of identity and humanity galvanise the 12 stories in this provocative and eclectic collection by S. Mickey Lin, an original new voice in speculative fiction. The title story 'Uncanny Valley' reveals a glimpse of a futuristic Singapore where the Minister of Speculative Technology investigates virtual reality while the Ministry of Moral Affairs explains the importance of numbers to its newest employee in 'Moral Clarity in Small Numbers'. In 'Right History', a professor questions the idea of history and in 'Adrift', a naturalized citizen is reminded of the meaning of home. Using a wide range of characters, from the construction worker to the professor to the badminton star, the multi-layered stories explore identity and various aspects of the human psyche. Uncanny Valley will gnaw on the corners of your mind and challenge your ideas on society and what it means to be human. Contents:
- The Apex - A construction worker faces a difficult decision.
- The Man with the Golden Tongue - A food critic learns a critical lesson about the ego.
- Merlion's Magic - A fiancee discovers a magical truth about her beau and Singapore.
- Adrift - A naturalized citizen encounters a refugee.
- The Mentor - A mentor is conflicted by his pupil's talent.
- Right History - A professor loses his tenure after questioning a singular version of history.
- Moral Clarity in Small Numbers - A new graduate realizes the importance of numbers in Singapore.
- Hunger - A tuition teacher strives to keep his terrible addiction at bay.
- Sharks in Singapore - A fraudster brings us into the world of predators in the city-state.
- Uncanny Valley - A minister investigates the ability of virtual reality to predict social norms.
- Weapons of Mass Destruction - An escort unleashes a deadly weapon that devastates the financial markets.
- Home Game - A Chinese-born badminton star agonizes over loyalty to her new home or to her ancestral homeland.

Language: English
Number of Pages: 160
Subject: FICTION / Short Stories (single author)
Audience: Adult
Publication Date: 28-Oct-2016
Imprint: Marshall Cavendish Editions

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