Islam Explained: Essential reading for anyone who wants to know more about Islam (2nd edition)

Shaik Kadir

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ISBN: 9789814779951

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Islam, a faith that embraces all races and cultures, has spread far and wide across the globe, and today about one in five people in the world is a follower of the Islamic faith. Few people have not heard about Islam or interacted with Muslims. But many, including some Muslims, do not know much about Prophet Muhammad or what the Qur'an actually teaches. Unfortunately, the focus on terrorism may have resulted in an inaccurate and biased view of Islam and of Muslims in general. Islam is not responsible for those Muslims involved in terrorism and violence; these Muslims make up only a tiny fraction of the vast majority of practicing Muslims who adhere to Islam and find peace and happiness in it. Islam actually promotes peace and harmony. Thus, it is important for the world to discover what Islam really is and what it teaches. This book explores the fundamental beliefs of Islam from its conception to what its adherents need to practise to be righteous and helpful to the peace and progress of one's country of residence and the whole wide world. Presented in an elegant and concise way, it explains the different aspects of the faith in topical form and clarifies misconceptions about Islam. Through this book, readers will be able to better understand and appreciate the truths and expectations of Islam for both Muslims and people of other faiths to work together to build a safer and more harmonious society for everyone.

Language: English
Number of Pages: 200
Subject: RELIGION / Islam / General
Audience: Adult
Publication Date: 19-Jul-2017
Imprint: Marshall Cavendish Editions

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