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The Labor Relations Process: A Partnership Approach to Creating Strategic Competitive Advantage, Second Edition gives us insight into managing both unionized and non-unionized employees. In the competitive global business environment, labor relations management plays a critical role in determining not only a company’s competitiveness but also that of an industry, a city, and a country. Users of this book have the opportunity to look at real cases of successful labor relations processes and explore the possibility of adopting at least some of the practices that have been proven to be effective in at least one context. The transformation that has taken place in Singapore’s industrial relations system and the remarkable improvement in global competitiveness of the Singapore economy in the past several decades provide numerous compelling and valuable lessons which local and overseas managers, government officials, and unionists/employees, can learn jointly. Based on the Singapore experiences, the key ingredient for an effective labor relations system that contributes to national and organizational success in an all-win manner is “industrial peace with justice” and the key success factor to make sure that this ingredient works its wonders is “incessant constructive tripartite deliberation”. As managers, government officials, and unionists/employees approach the subject matter collaboratively to evaluate the alternatives available for them to move forward together under a win-win-win partnership, they should be able to find the solutions best-suited for their circumstances.

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