You Are Not Alone: Understanding the Inner Voice of Depression in Young People

Peter Mack

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ISBN: 9789814794046

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At a time when teenage depression is escalating to worrisome levels, parents are alarmed to hear their children saying life is becoming too painful and not worth living. You Are Not Alone is an illuminating exposition on the inner dynamics of young people who are journeying through life challenges in a rapidly changing world of stressful situations rarely encountered a generation ago. While coping skills need to be re-examined, the ultimate goal in battling anxiety for these young people is not freedom from pain but a worthy, meaningful journey to adulthood. This appealing guidebook for parents, teachers and caregivers help give insight into adolescent depression and how to intervene to prevent the worst possible outcomes.

Language: English
Number of Pages: 176
Subject: FAMILY & RELATIONSHIPS / Parenting / General
Audience: Adult
Publication Date: 15-Sep-2017
Imprint: Marshall Cavendish Editions

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