Digital Human

Chris Skinner

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ISBN: 9789814794657

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For the first time, everyone on the planet can connect with everyone else through the digital network. This is transforming lives through financial inclusion and digital identities. It means everyone can talk, trade and transact-anytime, anywhere. Such a radical revolution has happened only three times in human history: becoming human, becoming civilised and becoming commercial. Becoming digital is the fourth revolution, and it is changing the very nature of humanity. Chris Skinner, author of the bestselling Digital Bank, explores the transformations that are sweeping through all spheres of life: the domination of global digital giants; the advent of new financial structures (FinTech); the disruption brought about by new forms of currency like bitcoin; the challenges facing traditional banks; the uplifting of the world's poor; and the rise of artificial intelligence. Digital Human is a visionary roadmap for the future, a timely guide on how to navigate the worlds of business and finance as we create the next generation of humanity. Includes the first-ever in-depth English-language case study of Alipay, the mobile wallet that aims to be used by over two billion humans.

Language: English
Number of Pages: 328
Subject: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Management
Audience: Adult
Publication Date: 22-Jan-2018
Imprint: Marshall Cavendish Business

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