Negotiating Skills for Virgins

Bob Etherington

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ISBN: 9789814794879

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The thought of negotiating, striking a bargain, or god forbid, haggling, strikes fear in the hearts of many. This brilliant instructional guide, packed with anecdotes and advice, is written for all those people who are terrible at negotiating. Based on several years of practical and successful negotiating around the world, the approach adopted by the author in this book will help anyone seal deals on favourable terms. Written in Bob Etherington's distinctive style (a combination of highly practical advice told in an entertaining fashion), Negotiating Skills for Virgins is all you need to ensure you don't lose out in your next negotiation. 10 reasons you must buy this book and avoid being ground to a pulp!
1. Virgin negotiators demonstrate four common behaviours which contribute to their losing out in negotiations.
2. Successful negotiators, on the other hand, have secret strategies which enable them to win at negotiating.
3. You can project power and authority with your body and voice tone, and stop the other side taking advantage of you.
4. It's rarely "just the price" - how can you avoid having to discount yours under pressure?
5. You should never sit down for a negotiation without a "letter in your back pocket."
6. Even inexperienced negotiators can come out on top, as a very recent discovery about the psychological state of brilliant negotiators shows.
7. Giving the other side a big pile of facts about your proposition will actually help them negotiate against you.
8. Giving the other side a false deadline (without ever giving away your real one) will put you in a position of power.
9. Chatty questions are 10 times more persuasive than factual statements.
10. Phrases like "to be honest with you" will undo all your good work and wreck your negotiating strength.

Language: English
Number of Pages: 160
Subject: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Negotiating
Audience: Adult
Publication Date: 01-Feb-2018
Imprint: Marshall Cavendish Business

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