It Happened on Scrabble Sunday

It Happened on Scrabble Sunday

Mahita Vas

Format: eBook-ePub DRM

ISBN: 9789814828437

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A late-night call leads Uday Aurora to find Lavinia, his beloved daughter, about to meet a gruesome end. Uday wants justice. His son demands vengeance. While the comatose Lavinia's condition deteriorates, Uday learns the identity of the real culprit. Distraught and outraged, Uday must choose between justice and vengeance. What will it take for a supremely decent man to abandon his characteristic morality to protect his family while avenging the brutality against his daughter? Especially when money buys nearly everything. Even absolution.

Language: English
Number of Pages: 232
Subject: FICTION / Crime
Audience: Adult
Publication Date: 18-Jun-2018
Imprint: Marshall Cavendish Editions

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