Mano Sabnani's Money Secrets

Mano Sabnani's Money Secrets

Mano Sabnani

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ISBN: 9789814841139

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Everyone is interested in making money, having a good life and retiring comfortably. But how do you go about planning for future financial security and more importantly, how do you achieve financial freedom? The reality is that job security lessens and incomes dwindle as we get older. To maintain a decent lifestyle, it is essential to build savings and invest them prudently while in your prime earning years. It is hard work, but it has to be done. Well-known financial writer and investor Mano Sabnani stresses the importance of financial independence and shares his money secrets on building an investment portfolio to achieve a passive income for a comfortable retirement. Topics in the book include simple financial literacy, core principles of investing, what and how to invest for best long-term results, and how to select the right stocks to invest in. Mano’s Money Secrets includes his investment principles and strategies as well as his views on the Singapore stock market, banks and property/REITs. He also provides guidance on how not to get caught up in speculation and scams. The book’s conclusion is that real happiness is achieved only when you have financial independence and little or no financial worries.

Language: English
Number of Pages: 208

Copyright Year: 2018

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