[eBook]Continuity and Change after Indonesia’s Reforms: Contributions to an Ongoing Assessment

[eBook]Continuity and Change after Indonesia’s Reforms: Contributions to an Ongoing Assessment

Max Lane

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ISBN: 9789814843232

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"This book addresses one of the most crucial questions in Southeast Asia: did the election in Indonesia in 2014 of a seemingly populist-oriented president alter the hegemony of the political and economic elites? Was it the end of the paradox that the basic social contradictions in the country’s substantial capitalist development were not reflected in organized politics by any independent representation of subordinated groups, in spite of democratization? Beyond simplified frameworks, grounded scholars have now come together to discuss whether and how a new Indonesian politics has evolved in a number of crucial fields. Their critical insights are a valuable contribution to the study of this question." 
Professor Olle Törnquist, Department of Political Science, University of Oslo

"A most valuable book for understanding the underpinnings of Indonesian politics in 2019 and beyond. A great range of themes are included: political parties, ideologies, political Islam, leadership legitimacy, the political middle class, the politics of centre–local relations, corruption, limited foreign policy reform, Papua, and youth activism. The book has eleven chapters, mostly by Indonesia-based analysts, plus a couple of wise old hands. Max Lane’s overview chapter is excellent." 
Professor David Reeve, School of Humanities and Languages, University of New South Wales

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Preliminary pages
1. Indonesia’s New Politics:Transaction Without Contestation
2. Indonesian Parties Twenty Years On: Personalism and Professionalization amidst Dealignment
3. Ideologies of Joko Widodo and Indonesian Political Parties
4. Political Islam Movements and Democracy in Indonesia: A Changing Landscape?
5. Creating Leadership Legitimacy in Post-Reform Indonesia
6. The Political Middle Class in Post-Soeharto Era Indonesia
7. The Politics of Centre–Local Relations in Contemporary Indonesia
8. The Roots and Actors of Corruption in the Political Realm
9. Why Is It Really Hard To Move On? Explaining Indonesia’s Limited Foreign Policy Reform After Soeharto
10. Papua under the Joko Widodo Presidency
11. Youth “Alienation” and New Radical Politics: Shifting Trajectories in Youth Activism

Subjects:Political Process / Campaigns & Elections

Number of Pages: 284


ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute

Publication Date: 43565

Format: Ebook

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