Art And Artistry Of Dominic Man-kit Lam, The: 1. Chromoskedasic Painting


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This book is published in connection with the exhibition entitled: 'Dr Dominic Man-kit Lam: Voyage of Discovery' for the launching of the 'Hong Kong Classics: Art Culture and Music' organized by the Hong Kong International Airport.Discovered by Dr Dominic Man-kit Lam in 1980, the Chromoskedasic process is a photographic process that generates a wide spectrum of colors using black and white photographic paper and solutions without the use of pigments or dye. Being a scientist and an art endeavor, after five years of systematic experiment, Dr Lam was able to control the production of a range of colors using the process, thus created a number of paintings with that process. Until 1989, Dr Bryant W Rossiter, Head of R&D of Kodak Company, found the color production mechanism of the process and coined the term 'Chromoskedasic' for this new medium. The discovery was released in Scientific American in 1991.From his early training in Chinese calligraphy to his education in western society, and thus became a renowned professor of Ophthalmology, Dr Lam has gone through a bountiful journey with changes in the form of expression and ideology about art. This book reviews Dr Lam's 35 years of artistic exploration with the application of the Chromoskedasic process, including other artists' views about his art, his different stages of paintings, and the newly invented Iridescent gold. Moreover, further articles by Dr Rossiter about black and white photography in relation to the process as well as the original articles published in Scientific American are in the book.

Format: Paperback
No of Pages: 68
Imprint: Other Publishers
Publication date: 20151231

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