The Rebirth of the Greek Labor Market

The Rebirth of the Greek Labor Market

P. Petrakis

Format: Print Book

ISBN: 9781349498819

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The Rebirth of the Greek Labor Market provides evidence of the macroeconomic evolution of the Greek economy, as well as current conditions in the labor market, to suggest potential areas of growth following the crisis. The contributors of this collection focus on three main issues that make the overall volume distinctive. Firstly, the authors develop a macro-econometric model for the Greek economy, which is flexible in terms of policy analysis and provides reasonable forecasts for the period between 2014-2020, under three scenarios. Secondly, the authors analyze the dynamism in the Greek economy, as well as the problematic Greek labor market. Lastly, using the estimations provided by the macro-econometric model developed, an input-output analysis is conducted - for every one of the three scenarios - in order to investigate and quantify the impact of the economic crisis, not only to the total employment but also in the number of employees by occupation, for all productive sectors of the economy. Using this structure, this indispensable new volume identifies the occupations, professions, and sectors with the greatest losses, as well as those showing a positive momentum, up to 2020.

Publication Year: 2014
Imprint: Palgrave Macmillan US
Format: P
Weight (Gram): 365

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